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Rhythm of Growth Series (1985 -1992)

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Rhythm of Growth Series

In response to the environment conservation campaign, Choong and a group of artists made an expection into the tropical ferest of Endou Rmpin in 1985 as and attempt to have a better understanding of natural heritage.  In the forest, he realized and was enlightened by the growing and ageing process of nature. And through observing the relationship between the lingzhi (a kind of mushroom) and dead wood trunk, he discovered the cycle of the liffe nature.

He used paper pulp up to sculpt the unique shapes of lingzhi and attach them onto the woood bark background which was created by using acrylic paint on canvas or handmade paper. Some works were merely careated by using acrylic paint on canvas to express the forms and textures of the lingzhi.

What he intends to express is the cycle of the life in nature- the dying of mighty tall trees give birth to lingzhi, which is the result of cycling. Such a phenomena also coincides well with the concept of reincarnation of Buddhism.