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Festival Series (1976 -1990)

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Festival Series

Celabration of various traditional festivals in an important part of modern life in Malaysia. During the festival seasons, people of different ethnic groups visit and greet each others, creating a prevailing gestive mood and good will astmosphere.  The traditional cakes and offerings and releveant ornaments are used to celebrate the festivals.

In Choong's Festival Series. he used festive cakes, offerings and related ornaments together with the working process be developed to symbolize the traditional values. way of life and the spirit of living together,. He used handmade paper, yarns, 3D form (paper cast) and shapes of object to create a very unique and individual style, For Choong, the irregular 4-angle shapes of ketupat and chang (or chung) are significant forms of oriental aesthetics.  They are the result of hand weaving and crafting and the process in the itself ritualistic and artistic.